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This wallpaper shows the Mercedes-Benz sign of a rare Mercedes-Benz 500K Classic Car. I finished this image with a photo editor, so only the star is bright – everything else is in shade.


cold porsche
This happens, if your garage is too small. But no problem. This Porsche is a 911 Carrera 4S (with 4×4). So it was made for snowy and cold streets.
You really can see the ice crystals at the emblem.
icy Porsche emblem Wallpaper Icy Porsche Emblem Wallpaper 1920 pixel
Porsche emblem in winter 1600 pixel Icy Porsche Emblem Wallpaper 1600 pixel
frozen Porsche 911 1280 pixel wallpaper Icy Porsche Emblem Wallpaper 1280 pixel

Bentley Arnage engine
This is the engine bay of a 2001 Bentley Arnage. It is a V8 turbocharged with a displacement of 6750 ccm. It generates 405 HP and accelerates this 2.5 tons car up to 155 m/h (249 km/h).

Bentley Arnage engine bay Bentley Arnage engine bay wallpaper 1600 pixel
Bentley Arnage engine bay 1280 Bentley Arnage engine bay wallpaper 1280 pixel
Bentley Arnage engine bay wallpaper 1024 Bentley Arnage engine bay wallpaper 1024 pixel

Lamborghini Gallardo headlight
Today I present you a wallpaper showing the left headlight of a 2006 arancio borealis colored Lamborghini Gallardo. This Lamborghini Gallardo has a V10 engine with 520 hp and a top speed of 309 km/h.
The idea for this motive I got from a website of a car dealer in germany.
If you like more wallpapers of sportcars – let me know!

Lamborghini Gallardo arancio borealis headlight 1600 pixelWallpaper Lamborghini Gallardo headlight 1600 pixel
Lamborghini Gallardo arancio borealis headlight 1280 pixelWallpaper Lamborghini Gallardo headlight 1280 pixel
Lamborghini Gallardo arancio borealis headlight 1024 pixelWallpaper Lamborghini Gallardo headlight 1024 pixel