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The early bird ….
is rewared with the best pictures. I took this picture at 6:23 a.m. on 27th of August 2007.
sunrise wallpaper 1600 pixel sunrise wallpaper 1600 pixel
sunrise wallpaper 1280 pixel sunrise wallpaper 1280 pixel
sunrise wallpaper 1024 pixel sunrise wallpaper 1024 pixel


Bentley Arnage engine
This is the engine bay of a 2001 Bentley Arnage. It is a V8 turbocharged with a displacement of 6750 ccm. It generates 405 HP and accelerates this 2.5 tons car up to 155 m/h (249 km/h).

Bentley Arnage engine bay Bentley Arnage engine bay wallpaper 1600 pixel
Bentley Arnage engine bay 1280 Bentley Arnage engine bay wallpaper 1280 pixel
Bentley Arnage engine bay wallpaper 1024 Bentley Arnage engine bay wallpaper 1024 pixel

clouds in the sky
This picture is a bit older. I took it in July 2003. Unfortunately my old camera (Olympus C-350Z) did not have a great quality. Nevertheless I like this picture.

Clouds in the sky wallpaper 1600 Clouds in the sky wallpaper 1600 pixel
clouds in the sky wallpaper 1280 Clouds in the sky wallpaper 1280 pixel
clouds in the sky wallpaper 1024 Clouds in the sky wallpaper 1024

green plant
I don’t know the botanical name of this plant. I read, that green is good for the health of the eyes. So now you can do something for your eyes and use this wallpaper on your desktop.
green plant wallpaper 1600green plant wallpaper 1600 pixel
green plant wallpaper 1280green plant wallpaper 1280 pixel
green plant wallpaper 1024green plant wallpaper 1024 pixel

Yesterday there was a thunderstorm with a lot of thunderbolts. Because there was no rain, I could take some pictures. Here is an atmospheric wallpaper for you.
Thunderstorm 1600 pixelThunderstorm 1600 pixel
Thunderstorm 1280 pixelThunderstorm 1280 pixel
Thunderstorm 1024 pixelThunderstorm 1024 pixel

Lamborghini Gallardo headlight
Today I present you a wallpaper showing the left headlight of a 2006 arancio borealis colored Lamborghini Gallardo. This Lamborghini Gallardo has a V10 engine with 520 hp and a top speed of 309 km/h.
The idea for this motive I got from a website of a car dealer in germany.
If you like more wallpapers of sportcars – let me know!

Lamborghini Gallardo arancio borealis headlight 1600 pixelWallpaper Lamborghini Gallardo headlight 1600 pixel
Lamborghini Gallardo arancio borealis headlight 1280 pixelWallpaper Lamborghini Gallardo headlight 1280 pixel
Lamborghini Gallardo arancio borealis headlight 1024 pixelWallpaper Lamborghini Gallardo headlight 1024 pixel

Sunsets can be very impressiv. The colorshading from blue to gold and the black shaddow of unlighted objects is an often photographed motive.
This picture was taken on 16th of June 2007 9:07 p.m.

sunset wallpaper 1600 pixel Wallpaper Sunset 1600 pixel
Sunset Wallpaper 1280 Wallpaper Sunset 1280 pixel
Sunset Wallpaper 1024 Wallpaper Sunset 1024 pixel

fruit tree in switzerland
My first wallpaper is a fruit tree with green leaves on a lake. This picture was taken on 16th of June 2007 somewhere in Switzerland (Europe).

The lake is named Lake Constance and you look from Switzerland to Germany.
fruit tree in switzerland 1600 pixel
fruit tree in switzerland 1280 pixel
fruit tree in switzerland 1024 pixel