Here are two further wallpapers of the blue september sky with clouds for your desktops.

I decided to post only one size of each image (1920 x 1440), because the most of you know how to resize pictures. If you have difficulties with that, have a look at irfanview.

Lithuania dune wallpaper 1920 x 1440 pixel

Lithuania dune wallpaper 1920 x 1440 pixel

This summer I spent my holidays at Courland Spit in Lithuania. One place of interest there is Neegelnscher Berg / Nagliu. There is a hole village buried by a dune.

This wallpaper shows the Mercedes-Benz sign of a rare Mercedes-Benz 500K Classic Car. I finished this image with a photo editor, so only the star is bright – everything else is in shade.

Preview Granite

This wall I found in Hautzenberg (located near Passau in Bavaria/Germany). It is made of granite.

Granite Wallpaper Granite wallpaper 1920 x 1440
Granite Wall Wallpaper Sky 1600x1200 pixel Granite wall wallpaper sky 1600×1200 pixel
Granite Wall Wallpaper clouds 1024 x 768 pixelGranite Wall Wallpaper clouds 1024 x 768 pixel

ice-water preview
Today I was bicycling and found a fountain dabbling below 30 °F : my new wallpaper.

Ice Water Fountain Winter Ice Water Wallpaper 1920 Pixel

Ice Water Fountain 1600Winter Fountain Wallpaper 1600 Pixel

Wallpaper Water 1280 PixelWinter Ice Wallpaper 1280 Pixel

Ice Water Wallpaper 1024 PixelIce Water Wallpaper 1024 Pixel

mallow flower preview
I hope mallow (german: Malve) is the correct name for this plant. I like the contrast between the pink bloom and the green background. This photo was taken on May 26, 2007.
A flower power dektop wallpaper.

malve bloom green Wallpaper mallow bloom wallpaper 1280 pixel
mallow green wallpaper mallow bloom wallpaper 1600 pixel
malve wallpaper 1920 mallow bloom wallpaper 1920 pixel

cold porsche
This happens, if your garage is too small. But no problem. This Porsche is a 911 Carrera 4S (with 4×4). So it was made for snowy and cold streets.
You really can see the ice crystals at the emblem.
icy Porsche emblem Wallpaper Icy Porsche Emblem Wallpaper 1920 pixel
Porsche emblem in winter 1600 pixel Icy Porsche Emblem Wallpaper 1600 pixel
frozen Porsche 911 1280 pixel wallpaper Icy Porsche Emblem Wallpaper 1280 pixel

This was my favorite desktop-wallpaper last summer. It shows a daisy – I hope this is the correct english name of this plant (in german: Gänseblume).
This photo was taken on May 1st 2006.
Daisy Grass Wallpaper Daisy Wallpaper 1365 x 1024 pixel
Daisy green nature flora wallpaper 1280 pixel Daisy Green Wallpaper 1280 pixel
Daisy green grass Wallpaper 1024 pixel Daisy nature Wallpaper 1024 pixel

Green Plant

After some white winter wallpapers it’s time for a colorful plant wallpaper. Here is another plant for you. Please write a comment, if you know its name.

green plant wallpaper 1920 pixel Green Plant Wallpaper 1920 pixel
green plant wallpaper 1600 pixel Green Plant Wallpaper 1600 pixel
Green Plant Wallpaper nature flora 1280 pixel Green Plant Wallpaper 1280 pixel


This is one of the photos I took last week in Flims / Laax / Falera in Switzerland. Unfortunately, my camera broke some days before. So I had to use my old one. Nevertheless there are some good pictures for my album.

Flims Wallpaper snowy mountains 1920 pixel Flims wallpaper snowy mountains 1920 pixel
Flims wallpaper snowy mountains in switzerland alps 1600 pixel Flims wallpaper snowy mountains 1600 pixel
wallpaper blue sky with clouds 1280 pixel Flims wallpaper snowy mountains 1280 pixel